Rice KnownGene Search and Summary
the gene which has symbol and name or function description;
Each symbol has a certain reference

There are three levels of knowngenes:
  • Named Gene, the gene that has a symbol report or name description
  • Trait Described Gene, the gene that has a function description and correlate with specific phenotypic trait
  • Verified Gene, the gene that has a different functional description associated with different alleles
Named Genes:Genes With Trait Described:
Data Sources Gene Number Updated
Q-TARO 1032 2012/09/24
Genebank 3720 2019/05/08
funRiceGenes 2232 2019/05/07
Oryzabase 11270 2019/05/07
Total (non redundant)132192019/05/08
The Rice Named Gene is based on published references. Which were collection from Oryzabase, Genbank, Q-TARO and funRiceGenes Database.
In order to associated with functionally characterized and phenotypical traits, we conducted a comprehensive classification system, these related genes are divided into seven types. We extracted the traits information base on functional description and trait-related keywords, and manually checking. More information see Rice KnownGene Class List
Class SubClass Num. Related Traits Related Genes
Biotic_stress 6 10 1410
Growth_Dev 5 54 1450
Morphological 14 70 2668
Agronomical 8 43 1388
Abiotic_stress 11 21 3005
Biochemical 6 48 1417
Quality 5 10 360
Total (non redundant)4821

Top 100 High Variation KnownGenes

Gene Symbol Gene Lcous Length Trait Name SNP Num. InDel Num. Genotype Num.