Rice Phenotype Search and Summary
Rice Phenotype Classification:Trait Statistics:
Class SubClass Num. Traits Num. Total Record Num.
Abiotic_stress 6 16 126582
Biotic_stress 4 17 165195
Morphological 8 85 3506269
Quality 5 44 974483
Agronomical 10 59 1301535
Total (non redundant)1274804300

Information Statistics:
Class SubClass Num. Item Num. Total Record Num.
Germplasm_info 6 12 598759
Sample_info 4 11 136690
The Rice Phenotype Classification is based on Standard Evaluation System (SES) for Rice, IRRI, 2013, Chinese Crop Germplasm Information System (CGRIS), and Plant Trait Ontology. For simplicity, the traits were classified to three levels of subclasses and checked manually based on the principle of ontology terms. More information can be found in the Rice phenotype traits glossary
In addition to the phenotype traits, farming, environmental, experimental information arestored in the categories of "Samples_info", breeding, preserving and some other germplasm-related information were classified in the categories of "Germplasm_info", which are stored in Germplasm database.
In our phenotype database, there are three types data sources:
Type-Ⅰ: Phenotype data from germplasm resources databases or books;
Type-Ⅱ: Phenotype data from different published population GWAS samples;
Type-Ⅲ: Phenotype data from different field samples planted under multiple environments and experimental treatments;

In order to show the relationship between genotype and phenotype,the final phenotype database come from the integration of the three sources!

For example: there are 3028 WGS samples in Rice3K project, and 2539 samples's phenotype data come from germplasm phenotype database (Type-Ⅰ):

WGS PopulationSample Num.Phenotype Data Source