Rice KnownGene Search and Summary
A known gene is defined as a gene that has a symbol and a name or function description, and the symbol must come from certain references.
has a certain reference

Three levels of KnownGene:
  • Named Gene, the gene that has a symbol or name description
  • Trait Described Gene, the gene that has a function description and correlate with specific phenotypic trait
  • Verified Alleles, the gene that has a different function description associated with different alleles
Named Genes:Genes With Trait Described:
Data Sources Gene Number Updated
Q-TARO 1032 2012/09/24
Genebank 3720 2019/05/08
funRiceGenes 2232 2019/05/07
Oryzabase 11270 2019/05/07
Total (non redundant)132192019/05/08
The Rice Named Genes are collected from published sources, including Oryzabase, Genbank, Q-TARO and funRiceGenes Database.
In order to be associated with functionally characterized phenotypic traits, these related genes are divided into seven groups under different types of traits or germplasm information. The trait information is extractedbased on functional description and trait-related keywords, and manually checked. More information can be found in the Rice KnownGene Class List.
Class SubClass Num. Related Traits Related Genes
Biotic_stress 6 10 1261
Growth_Dev 5 54 1311
Morphological 14 70 2390
Agronomical 8 43 1251
Abiotic_stress 11 21 2747
Biochemical 6 48 1295
Quality 5 10 326
Total (non redundant)4821

Top 100 High Variation KnownGenes

Gene Symbol Gene Lcous Length Trait Name SNP Num. InDel Num. Genotype Num.